Restaurant Nilufar: Montreal

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

When I’m not busy scavenging the globe for vegan tacos, iced lattes, and white sand beaches, you can find me snacking at some of my favourite spots in my home city of Montreal. Here are some of the reasons why Restaurant Nilufar (1923 St. Catherine W) is my number one favourite restaurant in town, and has been for years.

Nilufar's Falafeltine

If you’re on a student budget but want to eat like a queen, head directly to Nilufar. Their prices are dangerously low and they boast the best falafel anywhere. Also, their customer service is next level. Once you get to meet the legendary queen of falafel herself, you will never want to eat anywhere else. Nilufar will remember your name, your order, your favourite colour, and your cat’s birthday by the second time you meet her. You can expect to find heart-warming vegan soups, pitas (try the tofu taouk or eggplant), delicious cauliflower bites, potatoes with the best garlic sauce you've ever tried, homemade brownies, that old fashioned peach drink (you know the one I mean), and the best falafel in the universe. Be forewarned, the food here is highly addictive.

Here’s what Nilufar herself has to say about their humble establishment, which has been around since 1994:

“We believe that everyone should have access to healthy & fresh food, regardless of what their budget, it’s the foundation that this magical restaurant was built on. When it comes to vegan food, it’s not only because I’m vegan that we have lots of amazing vegan options but just for the mere fact that I don’t think that people who are trying to do something good for the animals and environment should be charged double or even triple sometimes when for the most part it’s the same price to make as something non-vegan.

I believe that something that all restaurants should follow. You shouldn’t be paying 25$ for 3 small items that will barely fill you up. Come here with 25$ and you have food for the whole fam. Also, I’m kind of a big deal, something like a superstar”.

Fave dish: the falafeltine: (fries, hot sauce, tahini and falafel) PLUS one falafel pita and one veggie pita (both with vegan garlic sauce) and a peach juice. #falafel4life


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